Kodak Purple

Many people often ask what “Kodak Purple” means.  To tell you the story, even out of his own mouth might make him either look lucky or like a liar.  Both could be further from the truth.  Kash is a Christian Rapper Entrepreneur and Dreamer.  Often referred to as the Kingdom Priest,  He works to bring a fresh and authentic message with a voice of hope for Dreamers and Sleepers to live an authentic life sold out for purpose and meaning.  It’s really never been white picket fences and rainbows.  From physical brokenness, to drug addiction and religious brokenness, Kash is familiar with struggle.  In late 2018, He began living his dreams after losing and leaving nearly everything to never look back.  With one of the newest and freshest visions in christian music, Hip Hop… “Hip Hospel”, Kash Memphis is set to crash your paradigm and bring life through music.  So, you may still be wondering what Kodak Purple means.  Kodak is simply defined as a moment.  Purple is defined as the moment when Jesus walks away from the grave.  When you flip the script, in it’s simplicity, it means…