About Kash and Kodak Purple

To tell you my story even from my own mouth, sounds
crazy. I assure you what I am about to tell you is true. Most of my life has been lived for things that fade, filled with brokenness, rejection, and failure. The worst night of my life changed that. Up to that point I had been medically retired from the military, struggled with addiction and became a pastor. In September 2018 after being fired and exiled from the church and losing everything, I decided to walk away from the rubble of my old life and start living my dreams. That fateful night, God gave me a vision of living my dreams and the calling to do “whatever I wanted”. That night, Kodak Purple was just a dream, that night was the first time I had a slight understanding of who Kash Memphis was. Today, I am thankful for the worst night of my life. It set me free. Since then, I have been working tirelessly to develop my heart, my character, vision and my sound. The Dream is just getting started. Two and half years now, streaming globally, and making an impact as an Artist, Songwriter, Entrepreneur and Coach and Branding Strategist,
Kodak Purple is now a reality and the MOB is primed to wreak some havoc for heaven. I’m calling you to go on a mission with me to awaken dreamers and sleepers to their Kingdom Purpose!! Because living life ordinary
and inside the lanes just won’t do.
I am Kash Memphis... KingdomPriest